After years of conducting productive investigative projects for the legal profession, the business ind­­­­ustry, and Individual people; the Law Investigative Service is proud to make available a Combined investigative skills, along with computer technology & contacts on this website, this is a necessity in reducing and limiting litigation.

            It used to be that only law enforcement officials who wanted to check your background needed a search warrant, and had to spend long hours combing through volumes of records. The electronic age has made record‑ keeping fast and efficient. All records and files are now digitized making it easier to access.   


           If you have any type of identification or a credit card, if you bought a house or a car or paid property taxes, if you sign your name for instance on a lease agreement for an apartment, or you have moved and left a forwarding address, you have then left a digital paper‑trail that you CAN NOT ERASE.  And if you think that all of these details about your life were private, think again.

          As Orwellian as all of this may  seem, these examples show how very real those prying eyes can be. And there isn't much you can do to stop them, since all of this information now can be obtained by the Law Investigative Service. In fact, when you hear people say that Big Brother knows all about you….It’s true.                                   

   We have built a reputation based on trust, confidentiality and achievement. Our client base ranges from individuals to large corporations from housing associations to multi-national companies.  We are a small company with a big network.

   We have many years of experience working as a private detective agency performing corporate, commercial and private investigations. As specialists in corporate intelligence we can help companies reduce risks in entering new markets or solve corporate problems by gathering critical information for their business.

   Our team is formed by skilled professionals coming from a broad range of professional backgrounds. Included in our team are professional detectives,  as well as lawyers specialized in the different private and corporate fields. As a result we have a very complete set of skills at our reach, which allows us to assign every case to the most suitable person, in order to guarantee an excellent service.



Insurance Investigations

                                                                                                              EXAGGERATION OF VALUE OF PROPERTY

             An insured is generally considered to be in the best position to know the value of property for which the insured makes an insurance claim.  An insurer depends upon its insured to provide an honest and good faith description and estimate of the value of the property.


        Most courts hold an insured to a high standard of truthfulness and honesty when reporting a loss to an insurer.  More and more states have enacted criminal sanctions for insurance fraud like California Penal Code § 550.

 Standard fire insurance policies state that the policy is void if the insured intentionally conceals or misrepresents any material fact or circumstance before or after the loss. The insurer that finds facts indicating fraud by exaggeration must prove the following to deny a claim for fraud:

·         The insured intended to overestimate the value of the property;

·         The overestimate is material; and

·         The insured intended to deceive the insurer.

       An insured's willful overestimate of value in a proof of loss is sufficient to prove intent. Some courts hold that an overestimate made with "reckless disregard" to tell the truth or falsity of the estimate will also prove intent. "Reckless disregard" is defined as stating as a fact that which the insured has no reliable knowledge to base the statement. If, on the other hand, the insured makes an innocent overestimate, the policy will not be void.

      Materiality of an overestimate depends on the extent of the overestimate. This is generally a question of fact. A slight exaggeration of value is not sufficient to void an insurance policy for fraud. Courts apply a good faith test when determining materiality and an overvaluation based on honest differences of opinion or errors in computation will not void the policy.

For example, if an insured values his computer at the price he paid for it, not knowing that a replacement could be had for $2,000 less,  there is no willful misstatement. However, if the insured claims his $50.00 Timex Watch was a Rolex valued at $16,000 the misrepresentation is material and willful.


                                                                     Fraud Facts

·         Insurance claims fraud amounted to an estimated $160 billion in 2016 and continues to rise.

         This translates to an average cost of more than $200 annually for each American family, paid in                     the form of higher premiums and taxes.

·         Employee Fraud costs businesses more than $400 billion annually. The average organization loses an     estimated 7 percent of its annual  revenue, or $12 per employee per day.

·         The total average cost of Medicaid/Medicare fraud per year in the US is $17 billion.

·         Cost of Medicaid fraud in just one U.S. southern state is over $4 billion per year.

·         Fraudulent health care providers cost us $98 billion each year.

·         U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor statistics estimate that out of $7 trillion in gross domestic products, $400 billion is lost to internal    (occupational) fraud annually.

·         According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, insurance claims fraud amounted to an estimated $85.3 billion in 2017 and continues to rise.


            We have over 44 years plus of experience, your case will be handled with complete confidentiality and discretion. Founded in 1973 by Melvin McCullough - former bounty hunter & Special Investigative Director of  a detective agency in Indiana that covered- Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, & Michigan.  Today, as a private detective, Mr. McCullough is known for his extraordinary investigative skills, that other detectives & investigators has sought his expertise on various matters. In 2003 he wrote a book - "A Private Detectives Guide To Special Investigations" that was catered to private detectives doing certain types of investigations.  our professional contacts reaches all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.                          


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